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Munich Advisors Group

The Munich Advisors Group is a network of consultants focusing on the development of social, environmental and economic sustainable solutions and results.

We provide world-class services for Africa with measurable success by combining local expertise with international best practices. We offer customer-oriented services by developing African solutions for African challenges. We have a network of 200+ consultants and offices in Germany, South Africa and Zambia.

We have positioned ourselves as renewable energy and carbon experts for Africa and without a doubt climate protection is going to be one of the future challenges. Changing to alternative energies can be a first step to make a contribution to a conscious handling of rising CO2 levels.

Going Green is one of the services we offer and terminologies such as CDM, UNFCCC, VERs, CERs, PDD, Gold Standard and REDD+ are our daily jargon.

1. We calculate your present carbon footprint
2. We familiarise you with the field of environmental protection and carbon trading
3. We support you by purchasing carbon certificates
4. We are your partner to realise carbon projects
5. We support you develop your carbon strategy

Country of origin

CDM Project(s)

Activity 1
Speaker of the COMESA Business Forum 2011 - Business go green
Mr Chibesakunda, CEO of Munich Advisors Group, has been invited to the COMESA Business Forum 2011 in Lilongwe, Malawi to participate as a speaker about businesses going green. The COMESA is a regional organization focussing on the establishment of a common market for Eastern and Southern Africa. The free trading area (FTA) which was formed in 2000 by nine African countries was expanded in 2004 by Rwanda and Burundi and followed by the Comoros and Libya in 2006. Mr. Chibesakunda worked on various carbon projects in Africa and Germany with relation to the VER and CER markets. His experience spans from the project development phase of CDM – PDDs, carbon footprint calculation up to trading of carbon credits on the international markets.

Countries of operation
The Munich Advisors Group operates in Germany, Zambia and South Africa. Our network spans around following African countries: Angola, Botswana, DR Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe and can therefore include projects in these countries.
Carbon Market Services
Project types targeted by our services
• Afforestation and reforestation
• Agriculture
• Biogas
• Biomass energy
• Coal Bed/Mine Methane
• Energy distribution
• Energy efficiency - Industry
• Fossil Fuel Switch
• Landfill gas
• Solar power
• Transport
Services we provide
• Assistance with preparation of Project Design Document (PDD)
• Assistance with preparation of Project Idea Note (PIN)
• Assisting registration and issuance process
• Baseline development
• Business plan development
• Carbon credit procurement
• Carbon credit sales and marketing
• Carbon market analysis
• Commercial advisory
• Contractual arrangements
• Due diligence services
• Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement negotiations
• Feasibility study
• Monitoring of project activity
• Project identification and screening
• Project risk analysis and management
• Training
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User comments
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Posted by CDMC Shanghai on Fri Nov 29 04:17:45 2013
Hi My name is MarcusLiu from CDMC Shanghai, We are going to held China Low Carbon & Environment Tech2014 in Guangzhou China. I want to invite you to attend this big event as delegates or sponsor. This time we also invite guests from China Power,Steel,Cement industries. If you are interested in this event, want to be part of china low carbon business. Please contact with me. My phone number is 86 21 6369 1899-8059 Email address is
Posted by on Sun Nov 20 20:02:12 2011
My name is Helio Canales, I am very interested in the implementation of conservation projects and bonds of carbon in my country my company has more than 2,500 acres of forest tropical sub humid, which for almost 20 years we have been protecting with funds, and wish to continue this work but it is impossible to continue alone, if you are interested I would love to send more data.
Atte. Helio Canales
Contact information
Munich Advisors Group
Bavariaring 21

Contact: Emanuel Chibesakunda
+49 89 551 967 23
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