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Berviac is an establishment of service provider based in (Republic of Benin) West Africa. Created to allow Africans to take an active part in the process of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM as well as voluntary trading (Voluntary Emission Reduction -VER) at the carbon market and the technology transfer for clean energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in the world.

Berviac works with governments, companies, industries, African local groups or communities and industrialized countries in a clean and lasting process of development according to the flexibility stem from the Kyoto’s protocol.

Country of origin

CDM Project(s)

Activity 1
80MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine in Maria Gleta (Republic of BENIN)
The government of Benin, takes a strong action to increase the rate of electrification in the country. One of the actions towards attaining that objective is the construction of this 80MW plant. The Californian based company Combustion Associates, Inc (CAI) is the technology provider for the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine. The same company CAI is going to be responsible for the construction and operation of the plant. The construction of the 80MW of CCGT started at 28 April 2008. The plant will run fully on Natural Gas coming directly from the West African Power Pool pipeline that starts in Alagbado station in the North of Lagos Nigeria and pass through Benin, Togo and end up for the moment in Ghana. The electricity produced will be sent directly to the grid. In the same location there is already a diesel power plant producing energy for the grid. There is therefore no need to construct a new transmission line. For the same amount of electricity produced, the CCGT will produce less than half of greenhouse gases (especially CO2) that will be produced if diesel thermal generators are used as in the case of Benin.

Countries of operation
Benin and West Africa
Carbon Market Services
Project types targeted by our services
• Agriculture
• Biomass energy
• Fossil Fuel Switch
• Hydro power
• Landfill gas
• Solar power
• Wind power
Services we provide
• Due diligence services
• Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement negotiations
• Feasibility study
• Monitoring of project activity
• Project identification and screening
• Training
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Posted by CDMC Shanghai on Fri Nov 29 02:28:42 2013
Hi My name is MarcusLiu from CDMC Shanghai, We are going to held China Low Carbon&Environment Tech2014 in Guangzhou China. I want to invite you to join this big event. If you are interested in this event, Please contact with me. My phone number is 86 21 6369 1899-8059 Email address is

Posted by CTI ( Shenzhen CTI International Cert... on Wed Oct 9 14:32:02 2013
Dear Sir/ Madam,

Myself Mr. Praveen N Urs, Regional Director for CTI (Shenzhen CTI International Certification Co.LTD) -- The DOE, take pleasure in congratulating you on your efforts taken in terms of promotion of greener tomorrow.
This refers to the subject regarding CDM/VCS/GS validation and verification services, we are dedicated to providing the best Quality, Value and Service to meet our customers' needs with time bound commitment.

We look forward in association with you for your CDM/VCS/GS projects for validation/verification.

Yours faithfully,
Praveen N Urs
Regional Director
Please be kind enough to send the enquiry by e-mail to;
Phone: +919591339530

Contact information


Contact: BERVIAC

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