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AVSI Foundation

AVSI Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in Italy in 1972 and presently active in 39 countries of the world, with more than 100 development cooperation projects.
AVSI is operating in Africa, Latin America and Caribbean countries, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia, in the areas of health and sanitation, care of children in difficult conditions, education, vocational training, upgrading of informal urban areas, agriculture, environment, promotion of small businesses, food security, ICT, and emergency relief.

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CDM Project(s)

Activity 1
Reforestation project using native species in Maringa-Lopori-Wamba region (Democratic Republic of Congo): establishment of the “Bonobo Peace Forest”
Three joint partners - The Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI), Infrastrutture e Servizi S.p.A. (IN.SER.) and Fondazione AVSI (AVSI) - with the endorsement of the CASCADe programme ( by UNEP - will coordinate reforestation activities in Lopori River Basin in a targeted region of the Congo Basin’s Cuvette Centrale of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa. This area is also designated by the Congo Basin Forest partnership as the Maringa-Lopori-Wamba Forest Landscape. The area includes the project site, Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve. A new forest area will be established to enhance carbon sink and to realize a standard natural habitat unit of bonobo (Pan paniscus). This species of non-human primates is the most similar to humans (with 99% of genome in common with Homo sapiens). It is endemic of the forests of DRC and, unfortunately, it is currently at high risk of extinction. Recent civil war in the DRC fragmented and decimated the bonobo population – which dropped, according to some estimates, from 100,000 individuals in 1980 to less than 10,000 today. The subsequent peace increased logging in the few places where isolated bonobo populations are still living. A recent United Nations study indicated that, with the current rate of infrastructure growth, the undisturbed bonobo habitat which remains is projected to be only 4% of its original range by 2030. This range will be the most limited habitat of any great ape. The geographical region of the Maringa-Lopori-Wamba has been identified as an important area for biodiversity and has been designated as one of 11 priority landscapes under the Congo Basin Forest Partnership, a worldwide supported initiative launched by the United States and South Africa, along with 27 public and private partners, at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (held in Johannesburg on 4th September 2002). One of the major threats for bonobos and other species has been the fragmentation of forests. The major purposes of the proposed project activity are: 1. To improve carbon sinks through reforestation; 2. To protect bonobos by creating forest corridors so as to connect isolated bonobo populations; 3. To enhance biodiversity conservation by restoring the degraded lands; 4. To uplift the socio-economic status of local people as well as their motivation to support biodiversity preservation. The project activity will target specific areas of degraded and cleared forests to establish forest corridors that may promote habitat viability for previously isolated and fragmented bonobo populations. The lands to be reforested are degraded lands occupied mostly by grasses and shrubs. These lands have been severely degraded over the last decades because of intensive agriculture on poor lands and will likely continue to degrade without the proposed project activities. The lands to be reforested are located in a reserve area, the Kokolopori Bonobo Reserve, and are owned by the government of DRC. Reforestation carried on with Terminalia superba trees. The total reforested area will be 1,606 hectares.
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Countries of operation
Democratic Republic of Congo

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Posted by CDMC Shanghai on Thu Nov 28 09:13:12 2013
Hi My name is MarcusLiu from CDMC Shanghai, We are going to held China Low Carbon&Environment Tech2014 in Guangzhou China. I want to invite you to join this big event. If you are interested in this event, Please contact with me. My phone number is 86 21 6369 1899-8059 Email address is

Posted by AVSI Foundation on Thu Sep 29 13:53:20 2011
Please check the direct link to the web-site of the CASCADe programme by UNEP:
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AVSI Foundation
Via Legnone 4, 20158

Contact: Andrea Mandelli
+39 02 674988367
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