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World Climate Change Challenge

The World Climate Change Challenge is joint venture Australian – Vietnamese limited liability company registered in Vietnam

The WCCC is chartered & licensed to,
- Consult on Climate Change Projects
- Develop & Operate Renewable Energy Generation Projects
- Import Renewable Energy Technologies & Equipment, Solar Panels etc.
- Import Electric Bikes & Scooters involved in Renewable Energy Projects

The Ride Clean Green & Free Project (RCGF) in Vietnam will dramatically,
- Reduce Green House Gas Emissions
- Improve the Air Quality of its Major Cities
- Reduce Poverty

The short term goal of the RCGF Vietnam Project is to put 1 million electric bikes & scooters & 3,500 free to use Solar Recharge Stations into towns & cities across Vietnam by the end of 2020. Accomplishing this feat will deliver, (based on an average use scooter, consuming 1 liter of petroleum per day)

- an emission reduction of 1.66 billion kilograms of CO2 per year
- produce 230,000,000 Kilo Watt Hours of new Solar Energy per year
- save 365,000,000 liters of fossil fuel
- Save local residents $365,000,000 per year. (based on current fuel costs)
- Dramatically improve the air quality of Vietnamese cities

Country of origin
Viet Nam

CDM Project(s)

Activity 1
Ride Clean Green & Free
The Ride Clean, Green & Free project has four (4) focused outcomes, RIDE – It is critical that we encourage residents to continue, or return to riding scooters rather than driving motor cars, ‘Ride not Drive’, if we are ever going to alleviate the traffic congestion suffered by most major Asian cities. However if we are to dramatically lower air pollution levels & green house gas emissions it is just as critical that we get residents to elect to ride electric scooters, rather than fossil fuel burning motorcycles. CLEAN – Air pollution is a major concern in most developing Asian economies. Especially in the numerous large cities and emerging megalopolis’ of the region. In nearly all cases exhaust gas emissions from fossil fuel burning vehicles & scooters is one of the greatest contributors to continued poor air quality. One liter of petrol when burned, emits 2.28kg of CO2, & CO along with the other noxious gases, Nitrogen Oxide & Ozone. Vietnam, the third largest & fastest growing motorcycle population in the world has more than 23 million motor scooters in country. By creating very favorable circumstances which will encourage Vietnamese to exchange or buy a new electric-scooter rather than a fossil fuel burning motorcycle, the RCGF aims to ensure more than 30% of all scooters in Vietnam are electric by the end of the decade. The success of the RCGF Project will remove 8 million fossil fuel burning motor cycles from the streets of Vietnam by 2020. Using the fact that on average each motor cycle uses 1 liter of gasoline per day, which when combusted emits 2.28 kg of CO2, by 2020 the RCGF project will lessen the CO2 emitted by motor scooters in Vietnam by 8 billion kg/year while at the same time saving 3.5 billion liters of non-renewable fossil fuel each year. GREEN – The RCGF Project is focused on utilizing renewable, green energy produced by the sun & wind as its primary energy source. Each 22kva station solar charging Shelter will produce more than 80,000 kilowatt hours of green energy per year. If 1,000 new shelters were constructed each year, by 2020, solar recharging stations would be producing more than 640,000,000 kilowatt hours of clean green solar energy in Viet Nam each year. This new green energy source will alleviate the need for Vietnam to build further fossil fuel electricity generation power stations. FREE – The key element of the RCGF Project is to change the presently accepted economic dynamics of personal transportation which is one of the single largest daily outgoings for young people. Petrol costs have more than doubled in the last five years and there is no reason to doubt they will double again in the next five years. However electricity costs have also soared in the last five years, and they too will more than likely double again in the next five. Hence young people may be reluctant to make the change to electric scooters if they believe there is little financial incentive to do so. The World Climate Change Challenge (WCCC) will encourage and drive market forces via the RCGF Project such that thousands of free to use Solar Recharge Stations for the charging of electric scooters will quickly be constructed, throughout Vietnam. At universities, high schools, parking lots, shopping centers, the WCCC will install, at no cost to the university, school or parking lot, They will be advertising driven & financed Solar Re-Charge Stations (SRS’s). The daily movements of a university or high school student ensure that their electric bike or scooter will be fully charged each day, as the charge time for most modern electric scooters, is approximately 4 hours. With easy access to thousands of free recharging outlets, wherever they go, young people will be able to reliably commute for absolutely free all year round on their electric scooters, completely putting an end to one of their largest single personal expenses.

Activity 2

Countries of operation
Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos

User comments
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Posted by CDMC Shanghai on Thu Nov 28 09:08:41 2013
Hi My name is MarcusLiu from CDMC Shanghai, We are going to held China Low Carbon&Environment Tech2014 in Guangzhou China. I want to invite you to join this big event. If you are interested in this event, Please contact with me. My phone number is 86 21 6369 1899-8059 Email address is
Contact information
World Climate Change Challenge
306/8 Nguyen This Minh Khai St. Ho Chi Minh City. Viet Nam
Viet Nam

Contact: Mr Paul Lyndon Phillips
+84 91 802 5548
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