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GrouPower - Questcom Limited

GrouPower is a project being executed in partnership with Microsoft. It involves the provision of solar energy as an infrastructure to qualified commercial and residential clusters in Nigeria. Cluster clients enter into PPAs with GrouPower and a dedicated solar farm is built to meet their needs, thereby eliminating high equipment and maintenance costs to the client. Questcom Limited implements this project in Nigeria with other partners.

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Activity 1
GrouPower - Solar as Infrastructure
This project will deploy 100MW of solar installations in Nigeria in the next 18 months. Qualified Commercial clients with verifiable track records of paying their utility bills and financial standing for the past 4 years shall enter into 15 year PPAs to purchase power from solar farms of 1MW. Dedicated solar farms are built to provide power to meet their needs and the clients pay a competitive tariff for consumed electricity. This unique approach eliminates high transition costs to solar and ensures that the client can view solar power as a viable relacement to their exixtent expensive options. Microsoft is a partner to this project as well as the EU, through the RECP and REAN 9renewable Energy Association of Nigeria)
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User comments
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Posted by admin on Mon Oct 2 13:33:28 2017
Dear GrouPower,

From your entry it is still unclear what connection your projects will have to the CDM and/or if you are considering producing CERs or provide specific services. Please provide more information on how your activities relate to the CDM.
Posted by GrouPower - Questcom Limited on Fri Jun 23 13:31:34 2017
Yes. This is a CDM Project Idea and we are seeking partners
Posted by admin on Fri Jun 23 12:16:20 2017
Dear GrouPower,

Please indicate if there is any connection to the CDM and creation of CERs.

Best regards,

the CDM Bazaar
Contact information
GrouPower - Questcom Limited
Plot 40, Samuel Ladoke Akintola Boulevard, Garki, FCT Abuja Nigeria

Contact: Yeshua Russel
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