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CDM Project Idea
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There is extensive uncontrolled charcoal production and logging on Buvuma Islands and this has led to wide scale forest degradation, specifically of the natural forests on the Islands for charcoal and fire wood production.
The project aims to protect the remaining natural forests from further degradation and to reforest degraded sites thus, develop a sustainable use of multi-functional low-impact forests of native species. This will in turn protect and conserve the wide range of native flora (including medicinal plants) and fauna (including game species) on these Islands.
The project will also introduce and develop the use of Jatropha curcas L. biofuels by the rural households for cooking and lighting, as a substitute to charcoal and fire wood thus, decrease the dependence on the natural forests for household energy needs. The use of Jatropha curcas L. biofuels will as well be an emission reduction by substituting Kerosene, a widely used fossil fuel by rural house holds for lighting and cooking.
The project will include the following activities:
a) Protecting (by fencing highly prone forest areas) the remaining natural forests from degradation by charcoal burners to promote regeneration, sustainable forest use and conservation of the biodiversity therein.
b) Supplemental planting of 100-800 indigenous/native tree seedlings per hectare to restore degraded areas and enrich species diversity.
c) Establishment of Jatropha gardens on marginal land sites, distribute bio-diesel lanterns and cooking stoves to rural households and sensitize them on Jatropha cultivation, harvesting, oil extraction, oil purification/refinery and the diverse uses of Jatropha curcas L. oil.
The project will cover 3,568 ha, spread over the 52 Islands of Buvuma and within the four sub-counties that make up Buvuma District. Over 6,000 people will benefit from this project through direct revenues from carbon sales, short and long term employment opportunities, reduced household energy expenditures, improved health(due to the medicinal properties of Jatropha oil) and use of a cheaper organic fertilizer (Jatropha seed cake). The project will use a species mix of broadleaved and coniferous natives including Maesopsis eminii, Eucalyptus grandis, Markamia senalensis and Pinus caribea.
Project participants
1.Greenhouse Forests (U) Limited 2.Buvuma Reforestation and Forest Conservation Association (BREFOCA
Target Group
• Buyers
• Project finance sources
Project types
• Afforestation and reforestation
• Energy efficiency - households
The project idea relates to the following contries
Methodologies used
The project idea is covered by an existing CDM methodology
Expected amount of annual CERs reductions(metric tonnes CO2 equivalent per annum) compared to the "business-as-usual" scenario
0.183 MtCO2e
Indication of the total anticipated projects costs (excluding operational costs)
Sustainable Development benefits of the CDM project
Environmental benefits
• Air
• Conservation
• Land
• Water

Social benefits
• Employment
• Health
• Learning
• Welfare

Economic benefits
• Balance of payment
• Energy
• Growth

Other benefits
• Technology transfer or development

Other comments

Project Idea Note File

About this posting
Type:  CDM Project Idea
Date:  30/06/2011
Country:  Uganda
Ann. CERs:  0.183 MtCO2e
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For further information, please download project documents, go to the project's website or contact the Seller directly.

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Contact information
Greenhouse Forests (U) Limited
Plot 39A, Nakivubo Road

Contact: Kijja Charles Lwanga
+256-392 906013 /+256-77 790659
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