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CDM Project Idea
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Green Loan Credit Line

Since the end of the Soviet Union, energy subsidies have been terminated and the energy demand gap has been filled with local biomass such as coal or wood, resulting in increased deforestation, pollution and C02 output. Available electricity amounts to less than 4 hours per day during the 5 months of winter. During these 5 months, an average household will use approximately 4 tons of coal in order to heat a single room. Moreover, fuel generators are often used to produce energy.
The project will be a far-ranging “green loan” credit line including PV, solar heater, biogas, biomass, wind turbines, mini hydro, improved insulation, energy efficient appliances/lighting and energy efficient stoves/boiler. MDO Arvand will provide a loan for its clients in order to use one of the technologies mentioned. Since bundling of small projects will not be possible anymore, our focus will be on receiving carbon credits from.

Energy efficient stoves + improved insulation in order to reduce amount of coal/wood used. In this matter we have received the stove design of the GIZ, which was successfully implemented in Mongolia.

Biogas systems and hence the switch from coal/wood towards natural gas, for those clients that are involved in animal husbandry.

PV systems for those of our clients that use fossil fuels for energy generation or would like to gain some kind of energy independence.

All other technologies might be implemented, should there be sufficient demand and the possibility for us to receive carbon credits.
Project participants
Target Group
• Buyers
• Developers
• Project finance sources
• Service or technology providers
Project types
• Biogas
• Biomass energy
• Energy efficiency - households
• Energy efficiency - own generation
• Solar power
• Wind power
The project idea relates to the following contries
Methodologies used
The project idea is covered by an existing CDM methodology
Expected amount of annual CERs reductions(metric tonnes CO2 equivalent per annum) compared to the "business-as-usual" scenario
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Indication of the total anticipated projects costs (excluding operational costs)

Sustainable Development benefits of the CDM project
Environmental benefits
• Air
• Conservation
• Land
• Water

Social benefits
• Employment
• Health
• Learning
• Welfare

Economic benefits
• Energy
• Growth

Other benefits
• Technology transfer or development

Other comments

Project Idea Note File
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About this posting
Type:  CDM Project Idea
Date:  19/09/2012
Country:  Tajikistan
Ann. CERs:  Please refer to PIN
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Contact information
1A Lenin Street, Khujand

Contact: Shahnoza Pulatova

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