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Vattenfall Energy Trading Netherlands

Interested project developers or other entities are encouraged to send a Project Information Note (PIN) and a Business Plan or a Project Design Document (PDD) to Esther Veldkamp.

Background Vattenfall:
VET forms the central trading platform of the Vattenfall Group. Our CDM department is responsible for fulfillment of the EU ETS compliance target through participating in CDM projects worldwide. We have a portfolio of over 50 CDM and JI Projects with over 20mio CERs/ERUs contracted.
In numbers:
• Vattenfall is Europe’s fifth largest generator of electricity and the largest generator of heat in Europe.
• As a Swedish state owned utility company with networks across Europe, we have 7.5 million electricity customers in 2009. Also, being state owned we have a very solid credit rating and long term outlook.
• Vattenfall is a utility under the EU Emission Trading Scheme and is a compliance buyer (end user of CERs).
• Vattenfall has been active in the CDM market since 2004 and has staff with much longer experience in the carbon markets. One of our team members is on the UN Small Scale Panel.
• Vattenfall has an efficient and flexible purchasing procedure with targeted ERPA negotiations within a short timeframe.

Country of origin
The Netherlands

Amount of CERs demanded

Project types of interest
• Agriculture
• Biogas
• Biomass energy
• Cement
• Coal bed/mine methane
• Energy distribution
• Energy efficiency - households
• Energy efficiency - industry
• Energy efficiency - own generation
• Energy efficiency - service
• Energy efficiency - supply side
• Fossil fuel switch
• Fugitive
• Geothermal
• Hydro power
• Landfill gas
• Pfcs
• Solar power
• Tidal power
• Transport
• Wind power
From which country/countries or region/regions do you wish to buy CERs from ?
Which methodologies do you wish to buy from ?
Other comments

User comments
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Posted by Bhushan Steel Ltd., Khopoli, Maharash... on Mon Jul 25 14:43:11 2016
Dear CER Buyer,

We, BHUSHAN STEEL LTD., INDIA, are willing to sell our 5,637 CERs, received from UNFCCC, generated from the following two CDM Registered Projects.
(01) Project 8802 : CDM Project of Fuel Switch from Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in DG Sets ( )
(02) Project 8801 : CDM Project of Fuel Switch from Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Boiler ( )

If a win-win deal is offered, we are interested to enter into long term CER Supply Agreement, for the above referred projects.

Kindly contact :
Prof. Imran I. Pathan
Chairman & CEO
Frenz Greenearth Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
(CDM Developer & CER Management Consultant for Bhushan Steel Ltd., India)
+91 9850555981

Best Regards,

Posted by OEN ENERGY LTD on Sun Aug 2 20:48:53 2015
OEN ENERGY LTD is an on-site full-service renewable energy provider with everything needed to generate 24hr electricity.

OEN ENERGY LTD designs, buys, installs, operates and maintains the generation and distribution resources.

OEN ENERGY LTD has created ways of solving our customers electricity needs at least cost with emphasis on consumption efficiency and distributed generation:
-Integrated Microgrid Systems
-Zero-emissions Systems
-Grid Independence
-Distributed Generation
We are a startup and will like to raise funds through CERs. Please contact O. Charles Francis at +12812399982.
Posted by CDMC Shanghai on Thu Nov 28 08:47:15 2013
Hi My name is MarcusLiu from CDMC Shanghai, We are going to held China Low Carbon&Environment Tech2014 in Guangzhou China. I want to invite you to join this big event. If you are interested in this event, Please contact with me. My phone number is 86 21 6369 1899-8059 Email address is
Posted by Bhushan Steel Ltd., Khopoli, Maharash... on Tue Oct 8 07:00:17 2013

Kindly visit our 2 UNFCCC CDM Registered Fuel Switch Projects with Details at . The prospective CERs of the projects are 18,000 per year for next 10 years. We are interested in selling our prospective UNFCCC CDM CERs to an ethical buyer and are also ready to go into a long term agreement for entire CDM 10 year lifetime of the projects. Contact us at .


Er. Imran I. Pathan
Chairman & CEO,
Frenz Greenearth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Exclusive CDM Developer & CER Asset Manager of BSL, Khopoli, India
Contact :

Posted by Clean Fuel LLC on Thu Nov 24 11:46:36 2011
I am Mr. Munkhjargal. The project of Clean Fuel LLC is to produce biodiesel as an eco fuel for transportation and aiming to develop a PoA as fossil fuel switch in Mongolia. Could you please advise on it and further cooperation if there is anything? email:
Posted by on Sat Aug 13 11:03:55 2011
Hi Sir/ Madame, We are Tantuco Ent. from the Philippines. We are a leading manufacturer of biodiesel in the country. This is used as fuel additive. We would like to know if you are interested to buy our carbon credits. Please do not hesitate to contact us at or +63 02 5319071. Thank you
Posted by Maria Banico/Phil.SmallBackyardPigger... on Fri May 20 20:38:48 2011
CDM project in the Philippines (Host Country)setting up small backyard piggeries with biodigesters to capture methane. 5,000 CER's/month beginning January 2012 for the next seven years (420,000).Project also has strong socioeconomic impact on the poor pigfarmer who will benefit from the sale of CER's.

Posted by M/s Goyal MG Gases Pvt Ltd on Mon Mar 21 11:40:37 2011
Are you interested to buy secondary CERs. Please let us know.
Contact information
Vattenfall Energy Trading Netherlands
Post Box 41920
The Netherlands

Contact: Esther Veldkamp

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