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CERs from Korean CDM projects

except grey CERs.

Price vary depending on project and vintage.

Country of origin
Republic of Korea

Amount of CERs demanded
several millions
Project types of interest
• Fossil fuel switch
• Hydro power
• Landfill gas
• N20
• Pfcs
• Solar power
• Tidal power
• Wind power
From which country/countries or region/regions do you wish to buy CERs from ?
Republic of Korea
Which methodologies do you wish to buy from ?
Other comments

User comments
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Posted by Dagachhu Hydro Power Corporation Limited on Thu Jun 28 05:52:23 2018
Dagachhu Hydro Power Corporation Limited, Dagana, Bhutan CDM registration No. 2746 (Hydro) registered as CDM project in 2012, have issued CERs of 364,626. the project is expected to generated about 1.5 million CERs during its first crediting period ( 01/04/2014-31/3/2021)

The project is also in compliance with the World Commission on Dam requirements. further , as the project is funded by Asian Development Bank, its complies with the ADBs requirements on Social, Environment other aspects too.

therefore, we are interested to enter into purchase agreement for the part of the CERs to be generated or for the issued CERs.

kindly contact:

Mr. Namgay Dorji
mobile No. +975-17312670/+975-77444415
Posted by Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd on Tue Feb 28 13:52:34 2017
Dear Mr. Sangsun,

We have issued CERs for the Project 1642 Shyam DRI
The project activity generate electricity by generating steam using waste heat contained in the waste flue gases released from 2 numbers of ABC (After Burning Chamber) from two numbers of DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) sponge iron kiln. The heat contained in waste gases transferred to water which converts water in to steam in two numbers of WHRBs

We have issued CERS for the project code 1642

CERs from 1 April 2012 to 31 December 2012: 50170
CERs from 01 Jan 2013 to 29 Feb 2016: 2,58,381

Please find the link

Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd
83 Topsia Road Kolkata 700046 WB INDIA

Best regards
Amit Debnath
+91 33 40164000, +91 9007793006
Posted by Bhushan Steel Ltd., Khopoli, Maharash... on Mon Jul 25 14:22:51 2016
Dear CER Buyer,

We, BHUSHAN STEEL LTD., INDIA, are willing to sell our 5,637 CERs, received from UNFCCC to the following two CDM Registered Projects.
(01) Project 8802 : CDM Project of Fuel Switch from Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in DG Sets ( )
(02) Project 8801 : CDM Project of Fuel Switch from Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Boiler ( )

If a win-win deal is offered, we are interested to enter into long term CER Supply Agreement from the above referred projects.

Kindly contact :
Prof. Imran I. Pathan
Chairman & CEO
Frenz Greenearth Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
(CDM Developer & CER Management Consultant for Bhushan Steel Ltd., India)
+91 9850555981

Best Regards,

Posted by Hydro Corporation on Sat Dec 19 08:49:21 2015
Dear Sirs,
Hydro Corporation CJSC owns one of the biggest SHPP in Armenia, which produces 25 000 000-30 000 000 KVA electricity/ per year, CERs of the projects are 14 000 per year for next 10 years. We are interested in selling our prospective UNFCCC CDM CERs to an ethical buyer and are also ready to go into a long term agreement for entire CDM 10 year lifetime of the projects, please contact us,if you are interested.
Armine +37491363619
Posted by ECOEYE Co., Ltd. on Tue Sep 29 12:34:17 2015
Sorry, we are only interested in CERs from Korea CDM projects.
Posted by Hindustan Zinc Limited on Tue Sep 29 11:29:42 2015
We wish to trade the CERs generated from our wind power projects (India)which are registered under UNFCCC.

We have 292487 CERs of pre 2012 and 157641 CERs of post 2012. All the CERs are verified and currently in pending account of UNFCCC.

If you are interested pl let me know.

Krishnavtar Goyal
Hindustan Zinc Limited
Contact information

Republic of Korea

Contact: Sangsun Ha (
82 10 6359 6627
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